NWF continue to develop a range of  'Protected feeds' - designed to deliver performance & value:

NWF launched Ultra Linseed which uses rolled linseed as a natural source of omega 3's, protein and 34% oil, of which which 54% is linolenic acid. When treated these are converted to high levels of bypass. When fed to animals it has similar omega 3 values to fresh grass and improves fertility.

The Linolenic acid is subject to extensive rumen bio-hydrogenation if fed in an unprotected form which has a negative impact on animal performance, for this reason NWF have developed a product that provides 80% of the Linolenic oil as by pass.

This process also protects 78% of the protein which allows the animal to use the protein more effectively and produce higher yields more cost effectively. 

This new feed will compliment the existing brands NWF Ultra Pro-R, NWF Ultra Soy and Ultra Starch - W all of which deliver unbeatable performance in our diets.

As a result of the precise treatment of the Rolled Linseed, Rolled Wheat, Rape meal & extracted Soya bean meal, used in the four products, the finished feeds have a much higher specification which increases their value in ruminant diets and allow us to optimize our formulations in Compound, blend and on-farm.

These products are manufactured exclusively at Wardle, where we can now produce in excess of 5000 MT per month and have the capacity to increase the production to meet the increasing demand for protected feeds (Other products are being trialled including Ultra Soy & Ultra Linseed blends).

All products are available in bulk and Tote bags for collection next day and we can deliver anywhere in the UK from Wardle or our satelite production units at Dumfries and Wixland on the same basis. 

We supply Ultra Linseed  Ultra Soy, Ultra Pro-R and Ultra Starch-W at a premium over the raw material used which enables the NWF formution specialists to contract cost effective diets using our rationing program Ultramix RPM.

With the plant on the same site as our largest feed mill & blend shed these products can effectively replace a significant percentage of the 'traditional' ingredients in Compounds & Blends giving unique benefits and cost savings.

The products deliver equally effective results when used as a straight feed in TMR diets.

For more information on how to get the most from this technology please call or email your details to me.

T: 01829 262 270 M: 07711 217 791
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